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Stir it Up

Vegan Diaries

Okay so vegan-ism is something I have attempted and failed at several times. The general pattern is that I stick to a fairly disciplined regime of no animal products for a week or fortnight, and then a cube of cheese creeps in, the slathering of mayonnaise in my sandwich, oh what the heck there’s barely butter in a croissant anyway right? And then I tumble back into a pit of stuffing my face with chocolates, cream and stuffed omelettes. Food, glorious food!

But the past few months I’ve come to resent myself. Continue reading “Vegan Diaries”


I stand alone. The cool wind twirls around my ears playfully as I stand in the glow of a street-light. The silence is soothing, broken occasionally by the rustling of palm leaves or the distant bark of a dog marking its territory. Rippled clouds shroud the moon. It is indeed a lovely night. My troubled day is forgotten as I seek to enjoy this moment, a passing whisper between the Earth and infinity. Shadows eat walls, rodents scuttle conspicuously, dust settles around me. There is a word I’m searching for, to encapsulate this feeling. I struggle but it doesn’t come to me. Maybe I’ll make one up.

How to build a dream

Decide what you don’t want for yourself- there’s the foundation.

Take a weighing scale- put your soul, your strengths, your weaknesses and all the happiness stimuli in your life.

Woah- that’s some heavy shit. Do you still want to go ahead? Continue reading “How to build a dream”

Change your make-up

Change your make-up.

Let confidence be the foundation you smear over your face, self-respect the smudged blush that adds color to your cheeks, honesty the eye-liner over your lids. Paint your lips with kind words, etch them in there as a reminder of the goodness you were born to spread.

You don’t need contouring, you don’t need anything more. Sure there will be times when things start melting and dripping and you’ll be a mess without brushes and wipes. That’s okay.

Courage isn’t always pretty.

The art of caring

Someone posts an article on my Facebook feed, why are bombings in Europe treated with much more empathy than ones in the Middle East? Why are the thousands of dying children in Africa neglected? What about the millions of refugees we seem to ignore?

So I’m really tired of this whole thing, the pressure of having to care about all atrocities equally. Let’s face the truth- it just doesn’t happen. Continue reading “The art of caring”

Move Review : Aligarh

A couple of days ago I watched Aligarh. If you haven’t already watched it, please do. It is the story of a homosexual Professor – Siras – who gets filmed being intimate with a rickshaw puller. He is then fired by the Aligarh university and goes on to fight to get himself reinstated.

Manoj Bajpayee is so bloody brilliant as a man who tries desperately to define himself Continue reading “Move Review : Aligarh”

The line that wasn’t

Be tolerant, they tell me. Of those who think differently, feel differently, seem stupid and ignorant provoking expletives in my head. I’m meant to breathe in, chant OM in my head, hoping the cosmic reverberations calm me and permit moving on without huffing and puffing. Be tolerant, is the mantra for happiness, they say. A happy world. Peaceful co-existence. Live and let live. Different words for the same bullshit. Continue reading “The line that wasn’t”

Peace in the pod

The husband is not a reader. And while I’ve come to accept this fact after years of being together, at the beginning of our blossoming romance it used to bother the heck out of me. You know how we women are right, we’re so sure we can change our men to fit into a mould we’d like of them? Well today I’m wise enough to know that this possibility is a lie we tell ourselves, but back then the hopelessly naive girl in me got carried away Continue reading “Peace in the pod”

My bucket List

Some meaningful .. some idiotic… but everything that must be done to qualify as having lived a life:

Take a trip on my own at least once

Go skinny dipping

Get a tattoo

Get published

Visit Hawaii and count the stars as I lie on the sand Continue reading “My bucket List”

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