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Meme-sahib: Why we need to re-examine modern humor

Memes. Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in , with constant innovation and evolution in practically every sphere including humor. I remember a time when I’d pick up little joke books or skim through Readers’ Digests for funny anecdotes. There was a certain joy in reading through till the end and then BAM!- the punchline comes.

Today we have a new substitute- the meme, clearly a product of a generation plagued by low-attention span. Who has the time to read a long joke anymore? Plus words don’t seem to be enough anymore, how can we jazz it up. TaDa- the meme is born. By definition it is- an image, video Continue reading “Meme-sahib: Why we need to re-examine modern humor”


Fighting to understand

Wars. How many has this world seen? Blood spilled, bombs dropped, towns and villages razed. The concept of war has always chewed my conscience, making me question the nature of humanity and survival. Am I naive to believe that a world with a population of more than seven billion people can co-exist peacefully? Does it even matter that there are rules to killing? And what of the men who go to war, do we celebrate their victory or condemn the heinous acts they commit? Continue reading “Fighting to understand”

All’s fair in love and food

I watched the Masterchef Australia 2016 Finale last night.The contestants were Elena, known for her elegant and inventive style versus Matt, a soulful and passionate cook. Matt has been my favorite throughout the seasons Continue reading “All’s fair in love and food”

Burn, Burn, Burn

Humans. Capable of so much. We create beautiful things. Music, art, films, poetry, architecture, gastronomic delights, graffiti; mediums to translate our souls into an incomprehensible yet ethereal language. I marvel at all this. Mandalas and Monet, Hemingway and Scorsese. Inspiring, unapologetic, and work that satisfies themselves. Everyone else is an accidental audience.

Then there’s the yang. Our ability to destroy. Continue reading “Burn, Burn, Burn”

Incredibly sad India

A bridge collapsed in Kolkata yesterday. 22 people have been killed, and hundred or so injured.

There are so many things I’m pissed about.

It took three hours for the rescue cranes to arrive at the scene of the tragedy. Just imagine that. For three hours people were lying under rubble with no hope of Continue reading “Incredibly sad India”

Where Darwin failed us

Something is happening. There has been a buzz…a stirring of sorts. With the recent highlights of rape cases in India, it seems to me a storm is brewing. The messages are flowing through social media, news and random everyday conversations. And it’s a simple message from the women- Enough. Continue reading “Where Darwin failed us”

Circle of life or death?

Today was my father’s 58th birthday. It was a different sort of celebration compared to the usual fancy dinners with cake. He had decided that he would sponsor a dinner for 50 women at an old age-home called Ashraya in Bangalore and he wanted us to go with him and personally help serve the food onto their plates. Pretty heart-warming stuff right? He did however have a hidden agenda as well. Continue reading “Circle of life or death?”

The politics of cleaning

My parents have just moved from Dubai to India. After a life of 30 years in the sunny, sky-scraper littered city, they have chosen to return to settle down in Bangalore. The past month has been extremely difficult- packing and winding up. Let’s face it, no matter how much you tell yourself ‘This is not your home and you have to leave one day’, it can still tear you apart when it’s time to say Good-bye. Continue reading “The politics of cleaning”

Weeping World

A few months ago I went on a crazed ‘volunteer-myself’ spree and registered myself with a couple of organizations. One of them was the Emirates Wildlife Society which is associated with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature formerly known as World Wildlife Fund). I think the motivating factor Continue reading “Weeping World”

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