I watched the Masterchef Australia 2016 Finale last night.The contestants were Elena, known for her elegant and inventive style versus Matt, a soulful and passionate cook. Matt has been my favorite throughout the seasons and I have been literally praying for him to make it to the Finals. According to me, no one deserved it more, not even the diligent and sweet Elena.

It is remarkable to watch the depth of human kindness and capabilities displayed through cooking and food. There were several instances when I was touched to the point of tears; when the contestants saw their families had come to support them and the tightness of each embrace, the point at which they’d realized they’d messed up and their faces falling with the realization of the possibility of losing that trophy, when they helped each despite their own struggles.

And when Elena was declared the winner, I was so deeply sad for Matt and how a crack in an egg cost him dearly. I wept buckets when he froze and saw the shells come apart, knowing then that he’d lost his chance to be the winner. His wife then came down and held him. I’m crying even now as I write this. It was just too much.

It truly is so reflective of life, that even with all our efforts and fortitude and greedy aspirations for the prize, the final test isn’t fair and apt to measure our true worth. And yet we have to sit down and finish it, give it our best and pray.

This season was a joy to watch. And yes while I curse Heston Blumenthal for setting such a ridiculously tough challenge, I take with me the sweetness of the two winners, who were in reality too great to beat each other.