What do you need you’re feeling thoroughly uninspired and drained of imagination? Music of course. So I sat in my balcony, listening to some classic Hindi movie songs. ‘Mera kuch saamaan’ (The things I’ve left with you) from Ijaazat is a tune I always rely on to be soul-soother, world-stopper and general mental cleanser.

This song is such an intense cocktail of loveliness that one can’t help but be moved by the voice, the tune and the overall message of the words. Poetry at its true best. Written by Gulzar, composed by R D Burman and sung by Asha Bhosle.

Link to song

Here are a few lines

Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas pada hai
O’ saavan ke kuch bheege bheege din rakhe hain
aur mere ik khat main lipti raat padi hai
vo raat bhujaa do, mera vo saamaan lauta do

Picture a suitcase filled with rainy days and unquenched nights wrapped in letters.

My heart is melting, to yearn like this.