Wake up late.

Like really late. Where you don’t know if your meal is a brunch or lunch.

Eat a lot and then go back to sleep.

Go through your To-do list.

Conclude that there’s not enough time to do half the stuff. Move them onto tomorrow’s agenda.

Pick the easiest task and start.

Get bored.

Switch to Youtube or Buzzfeed and let that cute, drunken puppy amuse you.

Okay now, enough of tomfoolery, finish what you’ve started.

Hear the tummy rumble.

Dig for some munchees.

Empty pantry? Time to go shopping.

Pick some crisps, an apple, a magazine.

Since you’re out anyway, may as well get that bottle of wine.

Get back, eat, drink and watch Seinfeld.

Finished that entire bottle??

Well, too drunk now to be organized.

Go to sleep and re-start tomorrow.