She extends her arm and holds the phone, twists her face into an angle, curves her lips into a smile. But not too big a smile, or else the plumpness of her cheeks make their way into the frame. Click! She checks the picture and frowns at the peeking double chin that’s been captured. Stretching her neck out like a duck, she tries again. Fail. This time it’s the hair, a loose strand dangles on her forehead and ruins the landscape of the desired sleekness. Irritated she tells herself this is it, the last attempt. She gets it right this time and is obviously pleased.

And there we have it- the selfie that conveys casual beauty and captures the orchestrated mood of the moment. A simple technology enables this efficient process of not needing someone else to take a picture, press the reverse icon and – Tada! Freedom. To snap what we want snapped, show what’s most desirable, add a filter, smudge the background, add contrast. No more surprises, no more glimpses of true crinkles and marks and what we view as defects.

There is no truth in pictures and people anymore. Everything is edited. Everything.