Someone posts an article on my Facebook feed, why are bombings in Europe treated with much more empathy than ones in the Middle East? Why are the thousands of dying children in Africa neglected? What about the millions of refugees we seem to ignore?

So I’m really tired of this whole thing, the pressure of having to care about all atrocities equally. Let’s face the truth- it just doesn’t happen. Our rage and emotions have their own set of triggers, and who’s to say there’s a hierarchy to it.

Everyday there are at least twenty videos of animals abuse, child refugee confessions, ISIS or DAESH execution clips, exploitation of natural resources by corporations; that pop in my Facebook newsfeed. As if that weren’t enough, there’s the e-mails I receive. From petitioning websites, from PETA & other wildlife organizations that aim to create awareness and uncover stories learnt through hidden operations that will haunt you so bad you’ll wonder if the entire world is basically living in one long-drawn out Stephen King script.

What do I do? I delete most of the e-mails that come with ‘Graphic Content’ warning but then eventually guilt myself into reading about the Yulin dog festival and child labor in cocoa plantations. Then I skim through the news and hope to not see anything with the header ‘Breaking News’; I’ve come to learn that there’s more than one reason for it to be called that.

I feel like I’m rambling, but hold on, I’m getting somewhere.

After all the enlightenment of worldly affairs, I hit the HuffPost Good News page and search for the video about a baby elephant that thinks its a puppy and insists on lap-sitting, then the paralyzed dog that walks after months of physiotherapy, then the four year old girl who tells her parents how to be grown-up about their divorce.

The thing is, I have to survive. My heart and brain get so saturated with emotional reality, that I find it difficult to think about the other elements of survival. Get up, get a cup of tea, cook,eat, shower. Whatever happens, this parallel cycle of daily living must go on.

Is it still fair? To hold me accountable to not caring equally?