Be tolerant, they tell me. Of those who think differently, feel differently, seem stupid and ignorant provoking expletives in my head. I’m meant to breathe in, chant OM in my head, hoping the cosmic reverberations calm me and permit moving on without huffing and puffing. Be tolerant, is the mantra for happiness, they say. A happy world. Peaceful co-existence. Live and let live. Different words for the same bullshit.

But I’m here to question this. How much crap am I meant to tolerate that shouldn’t be allowed to exist in the first place? Isn’t it tolerance that got us in trouble in the first place? Little grains of injustice which we turned away from that grew into raging sandstorms that blind us . Where is the line? Between what is meant to be tolerated and what isn’t? A guy cuts me on the road, a woman slaps her maid at a party, a government creates a war between castes to profit. Where do I stop inhaling and where do i start shouting?