Humans. Capable of so much. We create beautiful things. Music, art, films, poetry, architecture, gastronomic delights, graffiti; mediums to translate our souls into an incomprehensible yet ethereal language. I marvel at all this. Mandalas and Monet, Hemingway and Scorsese. Inspiring, unapologetic, and work that satisfies themselves. Everyone else is an accidental audience.

Then there’s the yang. Our ability to destroy. We pollute, ravage lands, drive species to extinction, manufacture animals in factories, kill trust in each other, burn forests for oil. We’ve come too far and cannot see that line anymore, between want and need. How is this possible, how can we do both so wonderfully well?

Yesterday was an important day. Hundred tonnes of elephant tusks were burnt by the Kenyan government. It is an act of opposites. The destruction symbolizing the beauty of power and solidarity in a stand taken- Do not mess with us. White curves of ivory lay in piles as a blazing orange fire reduced them to ashes, depriving them of their intended purpose, to adorn someone’s neck or home. I picture tusk-less elephants in the sky looking down and laughing. Or do they weep that their deaths were in vain?

It is an ugly world, where the worth of something is determined by the suffering entailed to obtain it. Wanton, ruthless, greedy- a Molotov cocktail for an impending Armageddon. The only silver lining is that when the day comes when we’re all drowning in melted glaciers or twitching from asphyxiation because there’s no more oxygen; we can smile for all the books we read, the music we heard and the colors we saw.