Books. Tea. Rain. Midnight hugs from Ri. Chocolate lava cake. Music. Really good music. Dancing. Singing till I go hoarse. Kurt Cobain. Calvin and Hobbes. Hidden smiles. Funky bags. Graffiti. Murkus. Mom’s food. Sleep. Good movie. Wine! Take out and soda. Beach with bestie. Collage making. Tofu. Breeze. Johnny Depp. Poncho. Random art. Surprising strangers. Rebellion. Jalebis. Lazy afternoons. Mayonnaise. Red and purple skittles. JD and Turk in Scrubs. Mom’s hot rasam rice and scrambled eggs. Mom’s dosas and peanut chutney. Jacuzzi and champagne. Writing. Spicy road-side corn. Make-up sex.