I rarely use the metro. But when I do, I thoroughly enjoy being a nosy bee eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations. This time it was a pair of teenagers in school. Watching them with their braces, giggling away, making plans to be friends forever and room together when they went to college… I went sailing down memory lane. From a world of babies, dirty dishes, scrounging finances to sleepovers, sticker collections, midnight cramming for exams. I want to tell these girls so many things…

Hold tight to each other… the world will do everything to derail you. The hardest promises to keep are those made from the heart. Growing up is the best and worst thing that can happen to you. Money doesn’t mean much to you now, but the the day it does, is the demise of your purity. Keeping a friend in your life will be like trying to hold onto driftwood through stormy seas. Same goes for love.

Savor your giggles…because there will come a time when you will struggle to find reasons to even rummage a smile.