Something is happening. There has been a buzz…a stirring of sorts. With the recent highlights of rape cases in India, it seems to me a storm is brewing. The messages are flowing through social media, news and random everyday conversations. And it’s a simple message from the women- Enough.

Yes I know every third person has written their two cents about it and everything has already been said. But I’m affected. And my blood is boiling and my bones are itching so damn much that I just have to write it out.

Let’s put aside uber and Nirbhaya for just a second. A few weeks ago I read a story about a woman who was stripped by her drunk husband and paraded around naked on a donkey on the streets, with onlookers just gaping. Of course that is something we Indians are tremendously awesome at- witnessing atrocities without lifting a finger.Oh and if we have a phone in our hands even better, we film the damn thing. This is the state of affairs in our country. And if you google it, there are several such incidents where wives are paraded naked to “put them in their place”.

Women are outraged. We are fed up. We are supposed to consider ourselves lucky if we are provided an education, if we land a decent husband who respects us, if we get in laws who treat us well. Equality is considered a gift to us. To quote my good friend DB, “Heck we should even be grateful for not getting raped!”

The questions are-  How long does it take for leering to turn into accidental grazing to turn into groping and eventually rape? How many silences have helped a man move faster though this chain? Where are we women failing?  With centuries of oppression and rape- why have we not evolved to change the odds? In every other way we have adapted ourselves to manage homes and husbands and jobs and the other infinite crap that gets dumped on our plates and yet when we get pinned down, there is nothing we can do.

Change is happening. My heart bubbles with joy with every piece I read written by a woman who refuses to be silenced. Whispers of defiance and unwillingness to compromise can be heard. All we need to do is unite and turn it into a thunderous rage.