1. You’re as close to Nirvana as any of us will ever be. With naps that eat up twenty hours in a day, I wish your contentment was contagious.

2. Hearing you crunch your food slowly and then spend ten minutes drinking water, pretending you’re a baby tiger is absolutely adorable.

3. You make me oh so mad with your persistence. Especially with your new found obsession with stealing my hair scrunchies, even when they’re still on in my hair.

4. The rolly fits you get into when we get back home. Watching you squiggling on the floor with all your black furry cuteness makes my heart melt.

5. Life makes perfect sense when I wake up and find myself sharing my pillow with you.

6.You don’t need catnip to make you go crazy.

7. Your 3 am cuddle fits. Not ideal but it’s still nice to hear a purring, needy kitty want some love at an insane hour.

8. You find joy in the little things- an open cupboard to explore, a plastic wrapper, an empty bag, a ball wedged under the sofa, chasing shadows on the wall. Something I keep desperately trying to do…