As I was channel surfing I caught a glimpse of the movie- The Man in The Iron Mask. The one with Leonardo di Caprio. It transported me through a time portal to a sunny day fourteen years ago..

It was the four of us teenage girls. Walking around window-shopping at a mall and chattering away endlessly. About boys, the other so called ‘sluts’ in our class, the hep clothes we ought to be wearing but weren’t allowed to, how our lives were so hard and nobody understood us.

We grabbed lunch and decided to hit the cinema and watch ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’. We sat and drooled over Leo’s boyish features and blue eyes; and got  goosebumps as the musketeers threw their hands in together and declared- All for one and one for all. We were the only fools sitting and sobbing at the end of the movie.

After that we went to grab coffee. A cup of Starbucks was a big splurge back then and we were excited to use all our pocket money to have a luxurious day out. We then ended the day by heading back to my place. We climbed the ladder to get onto the terrace and watched the sunset. And the oblivious handsome neighbor, who was mowing the lawn shirtless.

Today all four of us are in different parts of the world. I’ve lost touch with two of them but the third is still my best friend.

That was a perfectly happy day. A day where we did nothing but it was still beautiful. I think it was the simplicity. It was so easy to find happiness. We could guffaw over notes passed through class, have four hour phone conversations over nothing, get funnily violent through eraser fights. We were thirteen with simple tastes. I wonder now what has changed. Our quest for happiness is now drizzled with endless things to consider – jobs, men, family, ambition- balancing it all.  Where is the line between being selfish and being happy? Does responsibility and independence erode contentment? How did it all get so darn complicated?????????

I love and hate memories. They remain frozen snapshots in my head. A reminder of days gone by that are never coming back. But at the same time I won’t let them go. The movies, songs, laughter, hugs, tears- all ringing in my head..always.