It’s quite depressing when you make a somewhat life-altering decision and then have someone tell you, “Hey it sure looks like your life is going in reverse doesn’t it?” To have your worst fear being outfitted with these words can be a real downer. I wanted to run to the nearest bar and drown myself in tequila.  All the consolations I had sold to myself that I was being oh so brave and daring to discover a new path suddenly crumbled. Into little white flakes I could hold in my hand and blow off into the wind. But then my misery transformed into anger. Who is anybody to validate my life and my actions? Why do I need to justify my plans? Then it turned to meditative contemplation. My plans may push me to crash and burn or make me fly. They may make people’s “I told you so’s” materialize or have me go “Haaa.. in your face!!” in theirs. Which is why I’m lucky to have a Rewind button. So I can start over and get another chance to razzle dazzle.

I can breathe again. For I would rather rewind and re-start than fast-forward and see a girl filled with regret.

But, I still do need some tequila…