A very good friend of mine once told me- ‘Hey this quote is perfect for you – ‘ A goal is a dream with a deadline.’’ It’s a quote by Napolean Hill. I think he could relate it to me because he was quite fed up of hearing me whine and complain about all the dreams I had of doing this and that and my exasperation at not getting anywhere.

Along with my horrible time management skills, my inability to finish most things I start and the overall clutter I choose to drown myself in- the aspect of not having defined goals for myself has always been the bane of me. Oh yes- and how can I forget my giftedness for procrastination! Pretty much doomed right?

Lately I’ve been finding myself sinking further and further into this quicksand of losing track of where I’m heading. Perhaps it’s been my fear of disappointing myself.  Or worse- getting what’s on my list then discovering that it doesn’t make happy. Whatever it is- I have finally decided to grow up and resolve to make a change. Yes, this in itself is a big step for me.

My next big step was sitting down today and making a goal sheet for myself- with my daily, weekly and long-term goals. I knew I had to be careful with it – this was not going to be just another to-do list to be shelved somewhere and forgotten about , essentially this would encompass everything I would be working towards with a sense of renewed whole-heartedness.  My days of dilly-dallyness are officially ending.

So enough of me being a bobbing boat in still waters. Here’s to creating some ripples. And who knows..maybe there’ll be some waves.